Aug 082010

Same set, two medleys, and Cher (who could get the business back then). Who wins by a landslide? Go.

Cher & The Jackson 5 – Jackson 5 Medley


Cher & The Osmonds – Stevie Wonder Medley

BONUS WAR! Who had the better cartoon intro?

The Osmonds Cartoon


The Jackson 5 Cartoon

Well? What’s the verdict?

Aug 022010

Stevie Wonder is one of my favorite artists of all time.  I’ve seen Stevie at least 6 or 7 times and he just keeps getting better and better.  He will definitely be a reoccurring theme in my posts. I’ve got some Stevie stories…but I’ll save them for future posts.  For now, I’ll just appreciate this beautiful ad.

Btw, Tammi was looking good in that little bubble.  It’s interesting to note the Motown slogan at the bottom, “The Sound of Young America”. They sure were.