Aug 192010

The Ruffin Brothers – I Am My Brothes Keeper (OG Ad for the single “Stand By Me”)

The Ruffin Brothers – I Am My Brothes Keeper (Color cover)

Damn, is David’s head really that much smaller than Jimmy’s head?

Anyway, I just listened to this entire record and it was soulful for sure…just wasn’t the most amazing LP I’ve ever heard.  I could def chop some of it up into some hot tracks, which I may do, but as far as listening to it again…it’s gonna get buried in my itunes so it’ll resurface here and there.  I think my favorite joint on here is definitely “Your Love Was Worth Waiting For” as I like the song and these brothers were doing their thing.

If you want to grab the album, download it here.

Btw, I’m a huge fan of David Ruffin….his life, his music, The Temptations, and his legacy as one of the best voices of all time.  RIP Mr. Ruffin.

The Ruffin Brothers – Didn’t I Blow Your Mind (This Time):

Aug 012010


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