Aug 062010

The record business has changed dramatically in the past 30 years, but putting yourself out there to get noticed is still the same.  In some ways it’s different (ads in trade mags, standing outside of labels, calling in favors, cold calling, breaking the bank on unsolicited demos, etc) and in some ways it’s the same (eating dicks / sucking up, playing shows to build a following, and having talent (which is somewhat questionable in most cases these days)).

So what we have here is an old school ad for a group of three people trying to get noticed.  They have a nice rudimentary graphic that meets up with their logo on some old school clashing of five different fonts. Obviously, this is before photoshop so someone put in work cutting film and lining up this ad in a very sloppy way on a light table. I only know this because I learned it back in high school in South Bend….why they taught us this in the age of computers is a mystery to me.

The only reason I’m really posting this is because of Vernon.  This is pure speculation, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Vernon is smashing Vicki Rae something terrible.  He has that old school “Mike, I’m all up in this biatch so back the hell up” smile with an accompanying arm clamp on what he’s claiming as his in the demo picture. Mike prob had the money to pay for the ad and “demos” plus the songwriting skills and talent.  I put demos in quotes because who knows if it was a physical 8 track tape or vinyl record…or maybe they really just waited around by the phone and tried to sing live to anyone who called?

It appears that the telephone number is from Santa Ynez California…which appears to be desolate land somewhere up the Cali coast.  I bet that was a real hotbed for disco shit back in the day.

So…I wonder if they ever made it?  I wonder if Vernon will answer if you call the number?

I wonder if Vicki Rae went solo and finally made a record under the name Vicki Rae Von and this is it (below)?  The song was produced by Tom Brasfield and he appears to be a disco producer who ended up writing a big hit for Ronnie Milsap.  Oh shit, now I’m really tripping cause I use to bang that hit Ronnie Milsap song on my am radio back in the day.

Fuck. Now I’ve gotta get off into some Ronnie Milsap shit. Why did I just find out that he’s blind?  I thought he was rocking shades all those years to be cool.  Here’s the kicker: I thought Roy Orbison was blind because he rocked shades his entire career and then he turned out to not be blind at all. Wtf?! My blindar is way off.

Ronnie Milsap – (There’s No) Gettin’ Over Me

But now that I’ve lost all control of this post…look at these cats from the Fukuoka American Music Association trying to put it down on the same song:

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