Aug 052010

Where to begin? I guess I’ll start with this: I’ve had this ad in my “to post” folder for awhile, but I never actually researched Mrs. Miller until a few minutes ago.  Matter of fact, I only created this particular blog the other day so we’re just now getting into the groove over here.  It seems that I’m a little late to the starting line on this artist as a quick search reveals a bunch of blogs and sites that have covered this already.  I could very well be the only one with the OG ad though, but whatevers holmes.  Without reading any of them, I’m just going to dive in on my own with limited info and tell you about Mrs. Miller.

Starting with the ad…She looks like she should be on a pasta jar, right?  Granted, I’ve shuffled through tens of thousands of old LPs looking for samples and this cover is only modestly jacked up compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen.  In total stream of consciousness writing, this just reminded me of the time Silva and I stopped by an “album cover” art gallery show after skating one day…shit was sweet.  Back to Mrs. Miller, why is she holding the mic out like an emcee?  She’s holding that shit like she’s stroking something or like she’s about to get it in in the booth…or both (insert Eric Burdon “Spill The Wine” story here).

The song selection on this Greatest Hits album looks excellent with a variety of pop hits.  This has to be good right?  You be the judge:

Mrs. Miller – Downtown

Mrs. Miller – Strangers in the Night

Mrs. Miller – The Girl From Ipanema

Ok. What the flying fuck was Capitol thinking?  This has to be a joke right? Good God.

Having spent some time in the tower myself here and there, let me sidetrack this again with another story: I have a video somewhere of me showing my homey how to get past Capitol security, hit the elevator, stairs, and boom…the roof.  So just know that footage exists of Dj Marvski jumping over the ledge on the roof of the Capitol building and dancing around because he was so excited to be up there.  One more step and it would’ve been a done deal for the legend.

Anyway, this chick, Mrs. Miller, isn’t so good.  I can just see some 60s version of a Ron Lafitte, still dressed the same, signing her like she was going to be the next big thing.  Maybe a current “A&R” will venture out to Claremont now and find a school teacher to sign just to spice up the industry a little, eh?  That would be a true Hell Yeah!!!

Seriously, it seems like she eventually caught on to the fact that the world was laughing at her and it can be summed up in this sentence from her Wikipedia page:

“She apparently was unaware at first that her musical ability was being ridiculed, but eventually realized it and decided to go along with the joke. She attributed her break with Capitol to her wanting to sing correctly and record ballads, while Capitol wanted to continue the “so bad it’s good” style.”

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